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The view from 400′ in the air is simply amazing. But even just 25′ offers a completely different perspective that can’t be obtained from the ground. Launching a drone and snapping a picture or shooting a video is an awesome way to capture your event, you business, or to help tell your story – all from a different perspective.

Certified Drone Pilot

In June of 2018, I took the Part 107 Exam from the FAA for small unmanned aircrafts (aka drones) …
… and I passed! As a certified pilot, I can legally take pictures and videos for you. If someone tells you they can do it for you unlicensed, make sure they’re aware of the fines that FAA can issue! When you hire me to use my drone, you have peace of mind knowing you have a licensed and certified drone pilot with the FAA.

FAA Drone Certified


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A collection of photos & videos taken for clients or just capturing the beauty of the earth from a new perspective.

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