Video Marketing Strategy

Your business success story depends on a customized video marketing strategy

The customer knows what they want.
They’ve done their research and now they’re ready to make a purchase.
But why aren’t they buying from you?

Because customers need to connect and establish a relationship with you. Buying is an emotional decision and people buy from people they know, like and trust.

Establishing a connection and relationship with the customer with “know, like and trust” is simple with a video marketing strategy.

This strategy helps customers get to know you, then consider you as a likeable option, and ultimately decide to buy your product or service.

It’s a strategy with a plan designed specifically for your business. The custom plan includes a series of videos created for each step of your customer’s journey. The videos will then be shared through a social media marketing campaign.

It starts with you telling your story … and ends with a success story for your business.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make,
but about the stories you tell.”

- Seth Godin

How to Get Customers to Know, Like & Trust You

Growing your business starts with a story … YOUR story!
Cavemen told stories sitting around a campfire. It’s no different today when we sit around a campfire. We love telling & listening to stories! It’s how our brains are wired.

We connect with each other through stories. When we share the personal side of us & our business, we show authenticity – and people today crave that in a business. You stand out when you tell your story, in a real & authentic way.

That’s why your story is the first video we create. It’s a 2-3 minute “brand video” that tells your story. I help you discover it and share it. Don’t worry about the details. I’ll show you how it’s done. It’s simple and it’s effective. 

But that’s just the beginning. It’s part of a strategy.

Creating just one video is like throwing a dart at a dartboard. You’re going to hope that it lands in the bullseye. But often times, it’ll land in the outer circle or miss the board altogether. 

That’s why it’s important to create a strategy. This will help make sure that your videos are being seen and seen by the right audience. 

Bullseye. 🎯

Here's How Your Video Marketing Strategy Works

1. Schedule a Consultation

Set up a free, no-obligation consultation. We'll talk about your business, your goals and your desired outcome. I'll share with you some ideas, strategies, and ways that your business can grow & reach its potential.

2. Create a

This is where we get to sit down together and lay out a custom strategy specifically for your business. Knowing your business + knowing your customer's journey = a success story ready to happen.

3. The First

Ready? Set? ACTION!
The shooting of the first video based on the strategy from Step 2. Once we're done recording, it's time for post processing and editing to make your video look professional.

4. Marketing
for Success

Posting your video for your friends to see isn't enough. A successful video strategy includes marketing it to the right audience so you have the best return on your investment. That's how we create a success story!

goals and outcomes

Knowing Your Business

Your business is different than everyone else’s. A video marketing strategy should be built to match the needs and goals of your business. That’s why the first step is to simply have a conversation and hear & learn about your business.

The kind of video(s) that we’ll shoot and how & where we distribute them is based on what we learn from our visit.

  • Do you sell products or services?
  • What is the price point or average cost of your products or services?
  • Do you have a long sales cycle or do you sell every day items?

For example, if you have a higher price point (i.e. a horse saddle or web design), you’ll want to consider “how to” videos on YouTube or regular “story” videos on Instagram to show you as a Thought Leader and someone that knows your craft or industry well.

the customer journey

knowing your Customer

Did you know that your customer is on a journey? It’s a journey that consists of four stages: 

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Advocacy

As we discuss your customer’s journey, we’ll consider which area you feel needs to most attention. Where are the biggest gaps that need filled? Where can you see improvement? Each stage of the customer journey uses a different type of marketing video.

For example, if you were to focus on the Awareness stage of the journey and are looking to acquire new customers, you would want to consider having an awareness video that helps people know who you are (think 30-second Geico commercials).

As human beings, we tend to buy with our emotions and then use logic to justify our decisions. Consider where your customer is on their journey – if they’re in the awareness stage, you’ll want to use a video that evokes emotion. But if they’re already considering your products or services, you’ll want to have a longer, more logical video that helps explain what you or what you sell.

The closer the customer is to the top of the funnel (Awareness and Consideration), the more your video should focus on the “WHY.” Further down the funnel you’ll focus on the “WHAT” you do.


Filming and Editing

​This is the part that most people associate with a video – the filming and editing. Planning a strategy and ultimately distributing your video are just as important (it not more important) but this … this is the fun part of video marketing! The lights, the cameras, make-up … okay, we don’t do make-up … but we will have you or whoever is front of the camera ready to go. Action!​

After we’ve met and decided on a video marketing strategy that works best for your business, we’ll have decided on the first video to create. For most businesses, this will be your 2-3 brand video. This can be in the form of a story – such as how you got in your line of work or telling a story of the journey that your customers will take (their problem vs. your solution). We’ll work on a script and work through other details such as filming locations, who’s in front of the camera, and scheduling.

We’ll shoot some additional footage of your business to help supplement the video (what we call “B-roll”). If you have some previously recorded video or pictures, you can share them with me as well. Then that’s a wrap! Your part is done. The hardest part now is waiting to see the end result!

I’ll take all the footage and use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 to arrange, edit, adjust and organize the clips. Each video is manually adjusted for color quality and stabilization. A soundtrack is added to the background. If you’d like to help choose the song, you can do so by visiting

Once completed, you’ll be able to view the video & make any suggestions & changes until you are completely satisfied.

seeing results

Distributing Your Videos

Having a great set of videos isn’t the end result though. What you want is new customers and increased sales! The final part of the strategy is helping you see results. The strategy that we create for your business will help determine where we place your video. For some, it’ll be on your website. For others, it might be through a paid Facebook ad campaign. YouTube and Instagram stories are other possible locations. The placement of each video is crucial for the success of your video and video marketing strategy. With your video in the right place, your ready for success.


The End Result?

More Than Just
a story...

it’s a complete strategy to connect & establish a relationship with your clients, creating that “know, like & trust factor.”  It’s a plan to help you be seen and be heard amongst the noise of traditional marketing and increase your visibility amongst the competition. It’s how we create your ultimate success story.

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