Touch Point Designs, LLC

Share & Tell Your Story

Creating a great video isn’t limited to professional videographers.
We enable YOU to be a part of a video creation process to help tell your story.
Whether you shoot your video & we edit it or if we do it all, we’ll help you be the star.

Why Video?

We All Love a Good Story

Video is everywhere. We spend hours watching YouTube. We pull out our phones and watch video there. We even have refrigerators with video on them!

Video is entertaining and engages the viewer. From explainer videos and commercials to telling your story in a way that conveys emotion and engages the viewer.

Creating a video for your business doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time. We’ll teach you how to shoot your professional video and then upload it for us to edit. The end result? An awesome video to save a memory or help grow your business.

How do you want to tell your story?

Three Options

You have the ability to create an amazing video by simply using the phone in your pocket. Point. Click. Tah-dah! But don’t stop there. You can upload your video to us and we’ll take your videos and turn them into a digital masterpiece.

Create Better Videos

Download Our Guide
  • Step-by-Step Video
  • Instructions & Video Tutorials
  • Using Your Own Phone
  • FREE!

Video Editing

You Shoot. We Edit.
  • Upload Your Video Clips
  • We Edit the Video
  • Download the Final Video
  • Starting at $40

Complete Package

We Create the Entire Video
  • Pre-Production Work
  • On Location Filming
  • Full Professional Editing
  • Starting at $160