Curiosity Stokes Creativity

I got my first camera in 1984 – a Kodak Disc. Each roll of film could take 12-15 pictures. I had to selectively choose what I took a picture of knowing that I would have to use my allowance to pay to have the pictures developed and to buy more film. Being behind the lens though gave me a chance to explore the world of photography.

25 years later in 1999, I bought my first digital camera. They didn’t have SD cards back then. It stored its images on a floppy drive. Needless to say, it didn’t hold a lot of images and they weren’t that great at that size either. What it did allow me to do was to be curious and creative. There were no more limitations, especially financially, when it came to taking pictures. I could take all the pictures that I wanted and not worry about film and development costs. I would argue that my photography skills jumped leaps and bounds without those limitations. 

My equipment continues to evolve and I have to find new ways to be creative. It’s there. I just need to stoke the curiosity. 

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