Touch Point Video Services

You Shoot. We Edit.

Creating a professional video to share & tell your story doesn’t have to cost an arm-and-a-leg. You’ve already saved money creating your video. Now make it look even more amazing with affordable and professional editing by a professional videographer.
It’s easy. It’s affordable. It’s professional.

Take the Videos On Your Phone and...

Make Your Videos Amazing!


Stretch your budget further by shooting your own commercials & videos and then have us make them look professional & polished. Place them on your website & social media for a ROI.


You know that awesome footage you got cliff diving with your GoPro? We’ll make it look even more impressive with the rights effects, transitions & edits. We’ll turn a good video into a great one.


You may not have had a videographer at your wedding, but  there were plenty of people there who got video with their phones! Send the clips to us and we’ll make a professional keepsake video.


You know all those video clips you took of that summer vacation? Showing clip after clip to Grandma is boring. Let us put them all together into a single and professional vacation video.

Together We Can Make an Awesome Video.

You Shoot. We Edit.

1. Shoot The Video

Got some great video footage? Great. If not, it’s as simple as point-and-shoot. The hardest point is just starting!

2. Fill Out the Form

Details. This is where you get to tell us what you’re looking for in your video. Complete the form at the bottom of the page and we’re underway!

3. Make the Deposit

We ask for a 25% deposit before we get started.. We’ll provide you with a quote, but you can get an idea of the cost with our guide below.

4. Upload Raw Video

Once we receive your deposit, we’ll provide you with a link to where you can upload your raw video clips.

5. Review Edits

We’ll send you a preview of the video. Let us know what you want changed. Once approved, you pay the balance due for the video.

6. Download Final Video

Tah-dah! You can download your final video to post on Facebook, YouTube, or wherever you’d like to share & tell your story.


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Video Editing Form

You Shoot. We Edit.

Complete the form to request a quote & editing consultation.

Submitting this form does not obligate you to submit your video. We will be in contact with you and send you the contract and invoice for the deposit.