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Even though I truly believe that there’s a little Steven Spielberg in everyone, sometimes it’s best to hire a professional from the very beginning.
That’s where we come in. We’ll do all the video shooting on state of the art equipment AND the editing as well to create a beautiful, professional video.

This is the total package – from beginning to end, we’ll do it all to give you a great video.
PRE-PRODUCTION: We’ll discuss your project, either over the phone or in person. We’ll talk about your objectives and what you’re looking to get out of your video. Working with your script comes next. This includes any narration and how we want the scenes to play out (storyboarding).
PRODUCTION: Where the fun really begins! We have a host of equipment to work with depending on the needs of your video. From aerial shots with a drone (I’m a certified FAA drone pilot) and GoPro shots to moving shots on the ground and stationary shoots with a tripod. We’ll use microphones where necessary and provide the right amount of lighting for the perfect shot.
POST-PRODUCTION: The 2nd half of the work or the behind-the-scenes work. This is where I use Adobe Premiere to make the edits, slices, & transitions. I add a musical score, color correct where needed, add special effects, animated text & graphics, and other edits for a professional video.

A Professional Video

The Complete Video Package

1. Fill Out the Form

Details. This is where you get to tell us what you’re looking for in your video. Complete the form and then we’ll set up a time to visit.

2. Let's Meet

Let’s go over the details. We’ll discuss the script, locations, video objectives & the next steps. A 25% deposit is required to get started.

3. "Action!"

Put on your make-up. Clear your throat. It’s video time! This is the heart of the video production.

4. Editing Process

Shooting the video is just half the work. This is where the clips are cut, edited, and mixed. We adjust volume, add music, color correct, and more to create the perfect video.

5. Review Edits

We’ll send you a preview of the video. Let us know what you want changed. Once approved, you pay the balance due for the video.

6. Download Final Video

Tah-dah! You can download your final video to post on Facebook, YouTube, or wherever you’d like to share & tell your story.


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